Coach Saadia Ashraf

can Canada

15 ans foot contact

Flag Football : 22 years CEGEP and High school
Tackle Football : 2018 Montreal Blitz: Head Coach
2017 Team Canada: Women’s Tackle Football QB coach 2017 Montreal Blitz: QB coach
2016 Team Quebec : Women’s Tackle Football Head coach
2016 Montreal Blitz: QB coach
2015 Montreal Blitz : Offensive Coordinator

Level 1 tackle football

Playing tackle football was the next logical step for me as a flag football player. Instead of travelling to Rochester to play, someone started a team here so I played. I fell in love with the sport at my first practice in Rochester. The strategy, the skill, the mental toughness involved challenged me in a way no other sport ever has. Tackle football provides women a chance to play what I consider to be the ultimate team sport. They must overcome mental and physical challenges. It is a sport that every type of woman can play.
We are lucky to be involved in tackle football. Not everyone has the ability to play, coach, or be involved. It is truly special.